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Two English teachers Mary and Jacqui (pretty girls)

Soft Erotic story about Two English teachers Mary and Jacqui (pretty girls)

English is a special language; it is the gateway to a lot of countries, whose people would like to learn this wonderful language. It is no surprise, that many people of varying ages, genders and persuasions, become English teachers, and travel the World.

Today; we met two such English teachers: Mary and Jacqui. Their relationship has been on the rocks for some time now, and they jumped at the opportunity to get overseas, in order to make money, and to see if it will heal their relationship

We pick up the action now, at the Johannesburg International airport.

“ Mary; Mary …. quite contrary; why are you so drab today?” Exclaims a fed up Jacqui.

“ Do you honestly think that we are going to mend our relations Jacqui? I don't know you anymore? The late nights; the many boys and girls; we never get to be intimate with each other anymore“ Replies a disgruntled Mary.

Jacqui gives a quick disenchanted snort, and calmly but seriously says, “ I don't mean to be rude, but you don‚t go out anymore Look at you; you put on 15 kg just by being a couch potato, and stuffing your face Can I love that ? Nooooooo….!”

With disgust; Mary walks away from Jacqui, and heads for the plane. Jacqui reluctantly follows after, but it was 50/50 that she was going to go

“ Welcome aboard … ” Greets the Captain.

‘‚I don‚t think that I am welcome!” Chortles Jacqui, and takes her seat next to Mary.

The entire plane flight; the two girls bicker between each other, until a stewardess who has had too many complaints; gives them a warning to behave.

Alas; they took the fight close to the cockpit!

Wrestling with each other; they thud into the door of the Captain and his crew, then without warning the door gives way, and both girls stumble in! Jacqui lands on her bum on the floor, but lucky Mary gives an impromptu lap dance, to the co-pilot; a very pretty redhead, who is a bit shocked, but is a little bit turned on! “ I did not expect this kind of sexy turbulence; I hope that you don‚t mind that my seat belt is on, so that I can savour this moment longer ?” Whispers with dulcet tones; the pretty co-pilot.

Mary is quite embarrassed, but she has never felt more alive and wanted! She excuses herself and Jacqui,and they both take their seats, with another warning coming their way!

“ You know Jacqui; that was our first adventure, maybe this is the right thing to do?” Winks Mary.

“ Oh wow; a pretty redhead; a pretty redhead is all it took for you to realise this! Yes; lets go and have a blast!!” Exclaims an excited Jacqui.

Landing in Vietnam; the girls gather their luggage, and flag down a taxi. However; the taxi is a rickshaw!

‘‚ Get in pretty girls; we go long ride to Hotel..” Says the rickshaw driver.

Both girls climb in, and they are taken on a joy ride of note!! Skimming just by pedestrians, and narrowingly missing cars!

“ Whoooaaaaa; OMG… .!” Scream the girls, as their lives flash before their eyes!

‘‚ See …see there; it is massage parlour; you go; you go get nookie nookie..!” Gleefully says the rickshaw driver.

Both Mary and Jacqui are in giggles now, and they both nod their heads to a massage, especially after the long plane flight.

Pulling up to the parlour; the girls gasp at the bright colours, and the bold golds of the entrance!

“ Hello ladies; welcome to pussy rub massage parlour..” Exudes a very enigmatic person, whom Mary do not quite know what gender they are!?

“ Thank you..” Says Jacqui, ‘‚ I hope that you are going to rub my pussy long and hard!!‚

Mary blushes at her girlfriends boldness, but before long; they are both naked, and lying face down on a table, anxiously waiting their masseuses!

Four very pretty Vietnamese girls come into the room, all naked and oiled up, ready for action! They give Mary and Jacqui a thorough back rub to loosen them up, and then swiftly turns them on their backs, and opens their legs! ‘‚ You want pussy's rubbed hard; we rub pussy's very hard, but first; your choice of oils: Lime or mint ?” Says the one masseuse.

Mary and Jacqui both choose mint, as they love sucking peppermints after dinner..! Then the action begins … …. The four masseuses get each assigned an area of the girls bodies; one on the boobs, and one on the pussy! They start suckling Mary and Jacqui‚s boobs, and then 3 fingers are placed inside both pussy's….

‘‚ Oooooh ; aaaahhhhh…..!” Moan the girls, as the four women start molesting harder and harder and harder, until both girls squirt so hard, that they wet their masseuses!

‘‚ Aaaahhhhhhh…….relief “ Whispers Mary, while Jacqui has passed out! The four masseuses then walk out, and wait for the girls to recover.

Twenty minutes later, and the girls are dressed, and standing at reception, both very grateful for this welcome to Vietnam. They pay roughly about $;10 each for the experience, and surprisingly in return; they get a present; a long double headed pink dildo to play with!

“ Wow; thank you..!” Quips both Ladies, and they head for their rickshaw, once again!

They get back to the Hotel, and prepare to go to their school, where they will be employed. They are now quite taken with their already new lifestyle, and cannot wait to teach the students either!

Arriving at their school; they are introduced to their guide. The guide shows them their classroom. The classroom is large, and there is a computer; a TV; magazines; grammar books and a white board! Quite impressed with all the necessary equipment to teach English ( they heard that Vietnam was backwards with education,) they make lesson preparations for their students the following day.

In class that day, and all the students are ready to learn. Mary plays a music video, with the lyrics up on the TV set, by Texas INNER SMILE, to start the lesson easy. Then Jacqui asks them a question , ‘‚ What does the song mean , and can you identify all the nouns for me?”

Eagerly the class does what they are told, with no problems….Mary then hands out magazines, and asks her students to pick an article to read to the class, but first she assembles them in groups of four, so that everyone will get a chance….

For an entire week Mary and Jacqui play music videos, documentaries, cartoons…. And they go through every magazine and grammar book on offer! Now very satisfied with their first weeks achievements; they are delighted to be informed of a two day break for them. Upon contemplation; they decide to go to the beautiful Noi Noi Han National park , with its huge brass Buddha , luscious trees and spring pools with waterfalls and fountains!.

‘‚ Oh; it is so beautiful here Mary; do you believe in Buddhism?” Says Jacqui.

“ We are spirits in a human body; we pay for our misdemeanours in the next life; it is like driving a Ford today, but tomorrow; you might be driving a Mercedes if you are good, or you might be driving a jalopy if you are bad! My aura has been picking up a lot of things about you lately Jacqui, but I have been too shy to say!” Replies Mary.

‘‚ Say it; say it Mary…. I will understand.” Says an interested Jacqui.

‘‚ All right; I will…. Your energy has been too high; I know that you are enjoying yourself, but I can see that the roots that you have had in the Earth, are not cemented there anymore! I have been trying to counter balance your energy, because if you live too recklessly; you will lose control, and you will lose your essence, and your life and mine! I myself have become too staid, so I need to learn to trust people a little more, and chance my arm. But I always stay grounded ; there is intelligence to basic logic, and the tangents that flow therefrom..!”

Jacqui reflects for a second,and then replies,” You are right Mary; I was getting way ahead of myself, and putting both of us at risk! You are equally to blame though!! We need to do activities together, like tennis or netball, or hiking….even swimming, then I can see us gelling more! I substituted those activities for a wild life; I guess a relationship is both hand in hand, and takes work !”

Mary and Jacqui break into tears, and just hold each other for hours and hours, until darkness starts to fall.

‘‚ You know what Jacqui; it was English teaching that brought us here, and made us whole; it was English teaching that gave us a chance, and gave us the balls to say what we said to each other, those sweet words, and our precious hugs! English is truly the language of imagery; it imagined all of this before we even came here…. Surely the Universe or Buddha looks down on us! ‘‚

“ Mary; I have a naughty idea; lets go to the fountain…. I have a way that we can validate this moment!” Says a giggling Jacqui.

Mary gives a rye smile and a wink, because she knows what Jacqui has in mind.

Getting undressed by the deserted fountain, both girls take out the double headed dildo. They both sit on the fountain, with a lot of moans. They each take a head, and put it up their vaginas, then they once again hug, and hold each other, and hold and hold, swinging back and forth and back and forth, gasping every step of the way, until they orgasm again and again and again….. Till the night passes..! .

The End

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