The girls Jane and Zoe, a date with fireman Max •
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The girls Jane and Zoe, a date with fireman Max

Soft Erotic story about The girls Jane and Zoe, a date with fireman Max

Another day at college, and once again our PRINCESS, Jane Mc Dougall, has earned herself another detention, which is unusual for a straight A student!!“There is no flashing in this college Ms. McDougall; so next time Kyle walks on by; do not show him your bra!!” Blusters Mr. Carter, the Principal of the College.

He asked for it Mr. Carter; he thinks he's so it, well I showed him not to ignore me!!”

Yelps Jane in a higher voice than usual. Giving up on the exchange of logic with Jane” his ahem…favourite student( sarcasm); Mr.Carter orders everyone to take their allotted seats and prepare for a long spell of punishment‚ with many groans emanating from the class!

A couple of hours pass on by and Jane is dreaming noisilywith her head on the desk;“Oh” just you wait Kyle I’ll get you yet‚ I”;ll chew you up and spit you out‚ like an old piece of gum‚ ha.. ha; haa. I am the boss.!““ Jane‚ Jane!”; Screams Mr. Carter;‘ wake up; you have managed to elude detention yet again‚ this time through sleep; I hope you dreamt about all the other detentions you’re going to get‚ now go home!” With aplomb she does.

On the way home Jane is filled with utter relief that she was not mentally present to hear Mr. Carter ramble on about college rules‚ and then casually she drifts away with thoughts of Kyle‚ only to be disturbed by the occasionally passing boy!

“I’m home!” yells Jane as she saunters through the door‚ lost in thought. “ Hi‚ hi its me Jane!“ A voice from the couch beckons. Jolted from her pleasurable slumber;Jane turns her head and looks intensely at the couch and bursts into laughter and glee! “ Zoe ‚ what are you doing here?” Zoe points towards the T.V and then her watch;“ Soap opera time‚ silly!” With zest‚ and of course panache; Jane flips herself onto the couch and prepares herself for the highs and lows of life’s true drama’s!

“ Ooooh‚ how I long for a life of romance and adventure!” Pines Jane.“ All These men are dreamy” Ripostes Zoe. Suddenly‚ Stuart; Jane’s Brother walks in‚ much to her disgust‚ but the situation is not lost; he comes bearing gifts; a hunky new friend‚ YUM.“ I would like to introduce my new friend to you” Quips Stuart;‘ This is Max; he is a trainee fireman; we have mutual friends!” “ Hiiiiii Maaaaxxx!” Croon the girls as they eyeball every piece of him from delicious head to yummy toe! “ Hello ladies; how do you do?” Says Max with a deep timber in his voice( pardon the pun!)

Zoe immediately tries to catch his interest with witty repartee‚ but only succeeds to quote the alphabet with a frustrating stutter! Seeing that her friend and competition is in trouble; Jane quickly shoots from the hip‚ her usual foot in mouth comments! “ Can I interest you in taking a seat next to me‚ but not to take away of course‚ unless its on fire…ha…ha…Oh Gosh!”“ Aaah yes‚ well another time maybe!” Says Max‚“ I have to get going back to Goodwood Fire station where I work‚ but nice meeting you!”

Flabbergasted by their betrayal of their own minds and clumsy utterances the girls wave reluctantly goodbye‚ with mouths open and tears flowing( metaphorically). Soap operas now ruined; both girls head to Jane’s room to do some nail therapy ‚and never to come out again!

The next day at college; Jane and Zoe are animatedly discussing their bitter/sweet encounter with fireman Max! ‘ He is so cute‚ I bet he would like a sweet sexy package like me!” States Jane.“ Oh; he’s into looks‚ supermodel looks‚ like mine!” Argues Zoe.

The self accolades and girlie conflict continue for at least 15 minutes before they decide to stalk Mr. Broadshoulders Max‚ and entice him into inviting one of them out!“ Its a deal!” Both girls shake hands with determined sternness and briskly walk off to class.

After school the girls meet up and catch the 2:30 bus to Goodwood‚ to embark on a quest; a quest for all women everywhere ‚ to get a date with a real live and hot( pardon the pun) Fireman!

They hurriedly make their way to the Fire station‚ and decide on a course of action!! Jane rolls up her skirt a couple of more inches‚ while Zoe‚ undoes 2 more buttons on her shirt!With courage in hand they flirtatiously walk by the Fire station‚ hoping to catch Max’s eye With their female weaponry‚ so obviously exposed!

“ Oh my!’ Exclaims Max‚ as all the boys at the same time make their presence and gratitude known with loud boisterous wolf whistles and come on’s! Puffed up with girlie power‚ Jane and Zoe decide to walk by again‚ this time with a couple of well timed winks and a sexy shake of their hips!

“ Come back‚ come back!” Chants all the firemen‚ as the girls dash for cover‚ blushing madly for their blatant brashness!“ Hold on‚ hold on guys‚ I know those girls‚ lets show a bit of culture here!” Blurts out Max;“I’ll go see what they want?”“ Get them Max‚ Go Max ‚ get them Max; what about us Max?!!” Choruses across the entire station!

As Max approaches them‚ the blushing duo pounce on him with seductive vigour and whispering sweet nothings; “ Hey sexy; what’s up gorgeous!”

Max calmly asks the girls what’s with all the fun and games‚ and why they are here?“ Well!” Says Jane;“ You have been selected as the lucky winner to take one of us out on a date‚ your choice! Confused and rather spoilt for choice; Max does what any intelligent‚ self respecting mans man would do‚ and wittingly requests them to play Ching- Chong- Cha for his affections‚ after all isn’t that the meaning of life (a mans life anyway‚ think about it )?

Glaring each other in the eye‚ Jane and Zoe do battle with the scissors‚ paper and rock‚ best out of 3! Rock over scissors; Zoe takes the first bite! Rock over scissors; Jane turns the tables! One a piece as they pump their groomed hands for the last time to determine who will be lucky Max’s date! Zoe perspiring‚ unfurls paper while Jane lays down a triumphant scissors‚ and scores a DATE!!

Max‚ who is now quite blue from holding his breath‚ after this clash of the Titans‚ congratulates the winner and offers to pick Jane up at her house later that evening about 8pm for a dinner date with dancing! Then quite bemused walks back to his curious and eager peers‚ to tell his news!!

‘ You cheated!” Quips Zoe; ‘ you read my mind ‚ I knew it; never trust anyone who can finish my sentences; best friend… ha…!”‘ Don’t be a sore loser Zoe!” Sympathises Jane;‘ it might not work out‚ then you can have him!”“ Pass me downs; pass me downs‚ you’re giving me pass me downs…‚ OK that’s cool! Says Zoe non-chalantly and satisfactorily!!

Later that evening Jane is getting ready‚ with Zoe as her hand maiden‚ both energetically working at the cool stuff; shoes; stockings; make up‚ you know all the female trappings!! Just then the door bell rings and the girls are thrown into a frenzy‚ with wild arm movements and orders blurted randomly out to each other! Unluckily they never listen to reason‚ and exhaust themselves instead!

Thankfully Stuart is on hand to open the door‚ and is quite surprised ‚ to hear that his sister managed to manipulate a date ‚ with Fireman Max‚ but feels he should have known better ‚ tart!!

Before Jane heads downstairs; the girls chant the dating mantra!

‘ I ask Cupid on this date To grant me favour with this mate To have and to hold forever more. And to wash up always on Cupids shore“

Elegantly; Jane makes her way down the stairs much to the adoration of Max; he then whisks her away in his limousine( VW beetle ‚ he’s a fireman after all!). “ Where are we going tonight ?” Jane Excitingly asks.“ For you my dear ‚ only the best; The Steak Ranch!” Boasts Max.

They arrive quite cheerfully at the restaurant looking forward to a shared; naughty; fun time alone together‚ naturally with good food and drink!! They both order a small aperitif‚ and strawberry smoothies‚ and then get down to the real nitty gritty of why they are here!!

“ So‚ are you going to light my fire?!” Whispers Jane.“ I would indeed‚ but then I would have to break my Fireman’s code ‚ and not put it out!’ Max whispers back.‘ Take a chance; maybe this is a new kind of flame that only burns with love!” Jane seductively says. “ Only burns with love ‚ well in that case I will HAVE TO PUT OUT THE FIRE!!!” Screams Max in a panic. Not the answer Jane expected!!

All of a sudden people leap from their tables‚ screaming Fire‚ Fire…! Jane looks around ‚ and can see that the smoking section is finally living up to its name!! Max throws his strawberry smoothie over himself ( much to Jane’s surprised delight)‚ and jumps into the fire to help people out!! He comes out with 2 large men‚ obviously overcome with fumes‚ draped over his broad shoulders‚ while Jane looks on mesmerised by the fire and Max’s strength!

Jane decides to help and clutches the nearest drink on a table next to the fire ( a glass of wine )‚ throws it at the flames ‚ and proceeds to create a fireball!! She singes Max who quickly rips off his smouldering top‚ revealing a ripped torso ‚ and all this while Jane herself‚ is on fire‚ in more ways than one!!

Max Lunges towards Jane and tackles her to the ground! Holding her in his muscular arms and close to his hard body‚ he rolls around with her on the ground ‚ around and around until the fire’s out( the literal one )!

“ Are you alright ?!” asks Max.“ Ga; Ga; yab; yummy; whoooeeee!” Replies Jane stuttering‚ completely unaware of the danger she was in!! Perplexed‚ Max grabs a fire extinguisher and puts the fire out!!

Turning around; Max looks at Jane lying on the floor‚ and notices her smooth; athletic legs and pretty face‚ lit up by the still smouldering cinders! He walks over to her; caresses her ‚ then picks her up in his arms ‚ and carries her out of the restaurant! Jane quite dazzled‚ doesn’t resist‚ and plays the lucky submissive role!!

As Max steps outside with his Lady in his strong arms; everybody applauds‚ and then in a moment of brilliant passion; he lifts her face slowly towards his; both hearts beating wildly‚ and kisses her;

Taken by the kiss; Max swiftly carries Jane to the lift; steps inside‚and pushes the emergency button‚ which immediately shuts the lift down !!“ Maaaxxxxx; what are you doing!?’’ Whispers Jane in a seductive voice. Max looks her in the eye‚ and a silent agreement is reached . He turns Jane around to face the wall ‚ and pulls down her panties‚ revealing a beautifully tanned bum! He spreads her cheeks‚ and Jane moans a little whilst Max slips his finger inside her rosebud anus!! Then when Jane is wet enough; Max unzips his trousers‚ and pulls out his hard cock; ramming it inside Jane‚ which shudders the lift!“ Oh my God; Oh my God!” screams Jane‚ whilst Max rams harder and harder‚ grunting like a wild boar‚ until he unleashes his load‚ which sends Jane hard into the wall‚ and completely gagging!!

After a long orgasm‚ both collapse on the floor of the lift! Jane’s nipples are now razor hard‚ and Max could swear that they are leaking milk! The floor is totally wet ‚ and the lift echoes heavy breathing‚ and tightness of both chests!“ Oh my God; you fucked me harder than anyone has ever fucked me Max!!” Gasps Jane. Maxes face lights up‚ and he says between breaths “ My pleasure dear; my pleasure!!””

The End.

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