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Micki says the winter is coming

Soft Erotic story about Micki says the winter is coming

It is the 16th of August ’ and Micki has not found her true love; the soul mate that she longs for! Winter is about to set in ’ and Summer love and mini's ’ will be out of vogue too. She remembers all those walks in the beautiful warm forests’ with the canopies only letting shimmers of light in. She remembers how it highlighted her fine strawberry blonde hair ’ and how the wind whisked through it ’ making her feel like a sexy Queen of all the forest fairies! The beach walks were nice too’ but when you are alone; it means next to nothing!

Today Micki is going to take one her lasts walks in the forest ’ before Winter sets in’ and everyone has said that it is going to be very cold this year. Micki strides out into the lush green floor of the forest’ smelling the flowers’ and gleefully basking in the shimmering light. The birds are singing merrily today’ and she notices a few colourful species’ with wonderful pastel hues ’ and some with a beautiful deep pulsating camouflage. She takes in a deep breath’ and inhales the warm but crisp fresh air’ nothing can take this away from her’ nothing!

All of a sudden; she sees a movement up ahead in the path. A big’ husky silhouette’ which trembles the ground with every footstep! Micki is a little scared’ who is this big man? When the large figure comes into view; Micki can see that it has long hair ’ and a pretty face! Edging closer; Micki can now see that it is a big’ husky girl’ with Auburn hair; dressed like a biker!

“ Good morning … “ says Micki. ” Good morning back at you pretty one… ” says the big girl confidently. Micki notices that a greeting was all that she was going to get’ and now that she had been called pretty; she was needing more commitment to this chance meeting. “ Hi ’ Hi; I am Mickey … and who are you? ”

The big lady stops in her tracks, and surprisingly recites a poem :


‘Hello my name is Winter; Winter Sheedie…”

Micki is startled by this wonderful enigmatic presence’ and she shines yummy from head to toe! “ Will you come walk with me; my little forest fawn?”Says Winter to Micki. Micki doesn’t hesitate’ and grabs the husky girls arm’ and starts an almost trot through the forest’ absorbing all of Winters goodies with her deep blue eyes’ and luscious eyelashes!

‘ Do you know Cocoa waterfall? ’ Asks winter. “ Yes I do; are we going there ?” Replies Micki Winter gives a rye smile ’ and a slight wink ’ and whisks Micki hurriedly along the path to Cocoa waterfall …

Once at Cocoa waterfall; Winter shyly tells Micki her little secret“ I am afraid I tricked you; I like nudity’ and I thought that we could go skinny dipping’ especially with your nice petite figure’ honouring the water with your nakedness? First though; I want to know all about you; your likes’ and dislikes; your passions? “

Micki sits on the plush green grass’ with Winter closely behind. ‘’ I like you Winter; you resonate an energy of mystery and strength’ and yet you are so sweet and gentle. I dislike being alone ; the silence drains woeful truths from my brain that is scary and negative; I need people; I need you !!”

Winter looks Micki in the eyes and warmly states “ I see that your confidence is shaky; who would hurt a butterfly like you? I see a pure essence; a oneness with nature ’ and a beauty that all the World is jealous of!! You only need to work on your strengths to fall in love with yourself’ as I have fallen in love with you’ for only these short moments. You are as radiant as the Sun’ inside and out!” With these words Micki collapses into Winters arms’ crying mournfully’ but yet with such happiness that all the birds could not sing as sweet a melody that she now carries in her heart! The two cuddle for at least half an hour’ and then Winter says knowingly Let it out; let it all out!

Unfurling themselves from each others arms; Micki inquires about Winters likes and dislikes ; her passions? Once again Winter starts to recite a poem:

  • I… .

“ Stop Winter stop; I want to know all about you’ not a poem you hide behind?’’ Exclaims Micki. Winter chokes back a bit and says “ You really want to know all about me? Well; how would you feel if everyone looked forward to seeing you go’ and someone else coming? How would you feel if the mere sight of you’ made everyone sick ? How would you feel ’ if everyone hid indoors away from you’ and never walked with you not one day? You did walk with me Micki; you like my countenance; I don’t make you sick?”

With that Both girls collapse into each others arms ’ weeping and weeping …. Oh Winter; is that how they treat you at home? “Cries Micki. ” Ahem; yes all over! “Says Winter as she clears her throat ’ and looks a little found out and uncomfortable. “ Come Winter; lets go skinny dipping!”Yells Micki ‘ as she rips off her clothes revealing a beautiful petite and slender build ’ with perky breasts and an apple bum …! “ No need to invite me twice! ” Screams Winter ‘ and rips off all her clothes too ’ follows Micki in ‘ and starts to play with her in the cool water of Cocoa waterfall!

Winter grabs Micki by her bum’ and throws her 10 feet across the liquid pool’ all whilst giggling! Micki swims back to do it all over again ’ and again and again …!

Once Micki has her full; she swims up to Winter. Winter picks her up in her big arms ’ and they kiss and embrace’ with such passion’ that the waterfall turns red from embarrassment! ‘’ Ever made love Winter ?”Asks Micki. “ No one has ever loved me !”Replies Winter.Micki leads Winter out of the water’ and lays her down on her back’ legs slightly open. Micki gets on top of her ’ and puts clit on clit.!

“ I want to see Winter coming; I hope that you don’t mind ?’’ Says Micki’ who then starts riding each clit against each other ’ over and over ’ and over …. The whole forest is filled with soulful moans’ and Winters eyes are almost popping out ! Then with a double deep groan; they both start to gyrate; Micki keeps Winters eyes fixed on hers’ and they share all their deepest thoughts ’ in that wonderous and orgasmic moment!

Exhausted and satisfied’ both girls now are limp on the floor’ both heavy breathing! They look up to the sky and ponder what is going to happen next? The sweet time they have spent together will always be remembered! Without warning; the Sun starts to set’ and Winter then gets up and puts on her clothes; smiles at Micki and says “ You will feel me in the cold wind’ but our hearts will be warm..!”Winter then vanishes! Micki gasps and chokes’ and calls out for Winter’ but she is gone!

For about an hour Micki stares at the crystal liquid pool’ wondering what the hell happened; did she hallucinate everything !? But whatever may be; she can say that she will no longer mourn the coming of Winter’ and maybe’ just maybe; she will meet Winter in the flesh again!!

The End

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