Lilly rides Tom while the Viet Cong is outside •
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Lilly rides Tom while the Viet Cong is outside

Soft Erotic story about Lilly rides Tom while the Viet Cong is outside

In the rainforests of Vietnam , 34 th platoon of the US military are lost. Their only hope is to be evacuated by helicopter. Right on their heels are a couple of units of Viet Cong fighters, and they are getting close! The Captain of the platoon, Capt. Jarvis, is leading his war scarred warriors right into a trap … straight down a river, right into a pool of water, where a waterfall is hiding the noises of Viet Cong fighters, setting up heavy machine guns.

“ This way men, there should be a cave behind that waterfall, where we can hold our position…” Yells the Captain. No sooner do they get closer to the pool of water, an enormous rip in the air is heard, and the cackling of gunfire echoes out, and tears into the hapless platoon! Marine after marine drops dead, and Capt. Jarvis is one of them…, but one soldier escapes into the forest, and a relentless pursuit is under way.

Private Tom Higgs is a feisty little fighter, and he seized his moment and fled the carnage. Tracing through the forest, he stumbles from tree to tree, falling over his feet most of the time. Cracks of gunshots are heard behind him, but that just spurs him on even more. Soon, he has outrun his attackers, and now is hopelessly lost in the tropical rain forest, with a heavy downpour soaking his spirit even more.

Wandering for what seems like hours, Priv. Higgs notices a clearing up ahead. Taking his courage in his hands, he crawls out from under the cover of the forest, and spots a bamboo house. He quickly runs to the house, hoping that no one is there, and that there is some food and water.

With a gun drawn, he slowly opens the door, and peeks in. He sees a young women, about his age, wearing a pretty blue dress, with a ribbon in her hair. It so reminded him of his lady back home. He sneaks up on her, and quickly but carefully gags her mouth with his hand. The women is jolted, but this is all too familiar a scene, she has had this done to her before.

“sssshhhhhhhhhh, I am not going to hurt you …” Whispers Tom.

The women nods her head, and submits. Tom asks her if there is anyone else in the house, the scared women just trembles and shakes her head. Next Tom asks her for food and water, and the lady obliges, and brings a bowl of rice and a jar of water. Tom greedily sets upon the offerings, and in no time flat, is totally finished and satisfied! He gives her a warm smile of thanks, and gestures to her for her name.

“ My name is Lilly Yankee boy ” She replies.

Tom now knows that she speaks a little bit of English, and that makes him happy. “ I am Tom , are we safe here?” The girl shakes her head vigorously, and starts to cry. She tells Tom in broken English, how the Viet Cong killed her husband, and raped her! Tom gives her a big comfort hug, and starts relating his story back to her. “I had a girl back home, but she cheated on me! Some hippie peace lover convinced her that I am bad, because I chose to fight for my country, and the freedom of the Vietnamese people .” Lilly returns the comfort hug, and assures Tom that he is doing the right thing in Vietnam, and that he is brave for helping others, so far away from his home and loved ones. “ I don#'t know about that Lilly, I feel sorry for the Vietnamese people, maybe those hippies have the right idea, and….” All of a sudden, voices are heard in the distance. Tom knows that it is the Viet Cong come to look for him. Without any reasonable warning, bullets start ripping through the house, and Tom and Lilly dive for cover!

Tom finds himself a window, and starts to shoot back. He shoots on, then two, but there are so many of them, that they start getting closer and closer to the door, like a swarm of army ants. Lilly screams to Tom to get into the other room with her, and fight on there. Tom does without hesitation.

Looking around, Tom sees that there are no windows to this room, just one door. He has 12 bullets left, and there are more Viet Cong out there than that.

“I know this sounds strange, but take off your pants GI! We are going to die, and we may as well die making love and war…” Says Lilly. Tom is taken aback by this, but sits himself in the corner, without his pants on. Lilly starts to play with Tom's cock, and suck it harder and harder, until it stands a glorious 7 inches, ready for action. Lilly takes off her clothes, and sits, straddling Tom. The penis eases into Lilly's pussy, and both give a gasp. She starts to ride him, faster and faster. Tom can barely hold onto his gun, but as soon as a Viet Cong breaks in, he shoots them dead, over and over again, until his last bullet is spent.

With no more bullets left, and more fighters coming, both Tom and Lilly know that they are going to die, and approach orgasm very quickly. They both give a loud grunt, and liquids are swopped, which make them both limp. Just then a Viet Cong comes bursting through the door, but as soon as he is about to shoot the couple, heavy rounds of ammunition eat his body away, in a vicious burst of gunfire from a cobra attack chopper! The house is literally torn to shreds, and all the fighters are dead, but the lovers remain untouched.

“You are coming back with me to America Lilly, where you will be my wife, there is nothing left for you here now.” Says Tom, with a sigh of relief.

Lilly smiles, and the tough marine scoops her in his arms, and leads her to a landing site of evac choppers, where they will be taken to a military base, and onto America, forever!

The end.

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