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Half naked Suzie and Mike meet a wild bear in the woods

Soft Erotic story about Half naked Suzie and Mike meet a wild bear in the woods

It is usual for people to go for a nice long drive in the country on a Sunday‚ but when destiny and fate calls; there is nothing you can do about it! This is the story of Mike Polowski and Suzie Mayer; two Sunday drivers who were so taken by the scenery in the country; they drove into each other(not at a high speed though!)

Both drivers swing their doors open with such aggression‚ that Attila the Hun would be scared! They storm up to each other ‚ and with wild eyes and intense body language; they starting hurling insults and gesturing!

‘’ Mister; this is your fault; you were not concentrating on the road;you were watching Bambi!”Screams Suzie.

‘ Watching Bambi; watching Bambi; oh my dear ; you do drive like a typical women driver;you saw nothing‚ and you just drove … ; straight into me!

Retorts Mike.

The fight and exchange of words go on for what seems like forever ‚ but soon the hapless drivers are starting to realise the dilemma that they are in!

“ Do you have a mobile on you?” Asks Suzie.

‘’Yes ‚but there is no signal ;what about your mobile?”

Replies Mike.

Suzie looks bewildered and shrugs; shakes her head ‚ and throws her phone 10 feet into the woods next to her!

I take it from that gesture ‚ that you have no signal too!?” Quips Mike.

“ Well Duh Einstein; we are in the middle of nowhere; we have no mobile signal; we have no food or water ‚ and I also need to go to the toilet too! ” Bemoans Suzie.

“ Right then; lets go into the woods; you can have a pee; we will look for food‚ like berries or something ‚ and we shall look for a source of water too ! ” Says Mike in a stern but authoritive voice.

With that ; they both march into the woods ‚ and start to orientate themselves.

“ Do you have toilet paper or tissues?” Asks Suzie.

“ For a pee!?” Exclaims a confused Mike.

Suzie hangs her head and blushes‚ then in a monotone voice says‚ ‘’ No ; I … I … I Need a poo!”

Mike does a double take backwards and quips ‚ “ Oh shit; who the hell goes for a drive in the country ‚ without having a poo first! I don’t have toilet paper‚ or tissues; you will have to use leaves!! ”

Suzie reluctantly surrenders to that idea‚ and heads further into the woods to find a secluded spot ‚ definitely out of earshot ‚ and nose range! Mike then starts looking around for fruit ‚ or maybe an insect or two; he has watched SURVIVOR on TV many times ‚ and he is certain he knows what to do!

Just when Mike finds some berries to pick; he hears a blood curdling scream ‚ and as he looks up; he sees Suzie sprinting towards him half naked ‚ with a wild look in her eyes!

“ Yes; yes … Lets take this opportunity to sow our wild oats; I knew you would come around my love! ” Says Mike romantically.

Suzie comes closer and closer. Mike holds out his open arms‚ and waits for her. Then as quick as lightening; Suzie races straight on by Mike‚ and screams a warning ‚ “ No you fool; there is a bear after me; run for your life! ”

Mike quickly looks to where Suzie had come from‚ and his eyes bulge wide open!For coming through the trees at pace ‚ is a 2 ton grizzly bear ‚ and he is looking for a nice and easy lunch ‚with no claws and no teeth!

“ Oh my GOD! ’‘ Yells Mike‚ as he turns tail ‚ and runs for his life!

Mike is in full sprint mode‚ but the bear is catching him! All of a sudden; he hears a voice“ Up here Mike; quickly!”

Its Suzie; she found a nice big and tall tree to hide in. Mike scampers up the tree to where Suzie is‚ and both breathe a sigh of relief!! The bear stops at the bottom of the tree; tries to shake it‚ but gives up‚ and then makes an encampment around it ‚ surely his lunch will have to come down sometime!

‘ What are we going to do?” Says Suzie.

“ I don’t know‚ but you need to find something to cover your soft bits; they are a big turn on to me at the moment ‚ even in a moment of stress!” Replies Mike.

“ Really Mike; really … ‚ and you had the nerve to generalise about women earlier! You are a typical man!! We are about to get eaten ‚ and all that you can think of is my naked vagina and ass;!” Moans Suzie‚ with eyes intensely fixated on Mike.

Mike nods‚ and then hands her his shirt‚ to make into pants.

Two hours go by‚ and still the bear is camping out! Both Suzie and Mike‚ have not said one word to each othe…

“ We are going to die here‚ unless we do something Mike. ” Says Suzie silently.

“ I know‚ but what can we do; we have no weapons‚ or even food to throw and distract the beast! All we have is this tree ‚ with these vines‚ and branches‚ and … hold on a minute; I can try to make a bow and arrow …!“ Retorts Mike quite excited now.

Suzie gives a strong wink ‚ and nods her approval.

Mike starts breaking branches ‚ and pulling the vines and breaking them. Suzie does the attachments‚ because she is a good sower ‚ and this is not so different. The bow is easily made ‚ but the problem is how to sharpen an arrow? Mike looks around for a branch with a sharp tip‚ and finds two. Both decide that now is the time to shoot the bear ‚ but they only have two shots!

Mike takes aim to hit the bear between the eyes‚ but misses by a mile!! “ Come on Mike‚ come on … If you hit that bear with our last arrow; I will be at your disposal for whatever you want to do with me; you understand big boy; you will get lucky‚ if we get lucky! ”

So Mike takes aim; the bear much to Mikes chagrin turns around and presents his ass!! Mike shoots ….! He hits the bear right in the butthole‚ and screaming; the bear runs away!!

‘’ You did it Mike ; you did it … !” Yells Suzie .

They both climb down from the tree‚ shake themselves off; pick some berries to eat‚ and head off to find water.

“ Suzie; you made a promise up that tree to me!” Questions Mike full of expectation.

“ Lets find some water first lover‚ then we can discuss it.” Winks Suzie.

Not long‚ and they miraculously find a waterfall‚ with a beautiful blue pool of water‚ that it flows into.

“ Are you thinking what I am thinking?” Says Mike … ‚ “ lets get naked‚ and skinny dip.”

Suzie gleefully agrees‚ after all; they both have evaded death‚ why not let the hair down a little! They both jump into the blue liquid‚ and splash around‚ and also savour the taste of the water too! It is cool‚ with a lovely spring taste‚ and both couldn’t be happier. Mike notices that there is a cave behind the waterfall‚ and signals to Suzie to come follow him there‚ maybe he will get lucky!!

They find a nice flat surface behind the waterfall‚and Suzie without hesitation pushes Mike down on his back. She starts to play with his cock ‚until it gets hard‚ then sucks it!! After about 5 minutes of sucking‚ she positions Mikes cock under her vagina ‚ and with a big moan‚ lets it slide in!

She pumps harder and harder‚ moaning louder and louder! Both pelvises are sopping wet‚ and Suzie’s nipples are razor sharp! “ Fuck me!” Yells Mike.

Suzie then goes into speed boat mode‚ and she squirts all over Mike‚ while his upper body lunges up‚ with waves of an orgasm!

All of a sudden; they both can feel eyes on them! Mike and Suzie fear that the bear is back! They cautiously look around‚ and what they see will haunt them till today!Wall paintings; murals; works of art; pottery; people in uniform… . Other people in everyday clothing;!?

“ Oh my God!” Quips Suzie‚“ We are in a museum; the cave at the back of the waterfall is a museum!!”

For indeed; Suzie was right; they are in a Native American heritage museum‚ and they both gave a show of art‚ that will be difficult to repeat!!

Quickly excusing themselves‚ and totally embarrassed; they ask for help … ; they now both know that their stars crossed for a reason‚ and that reason is that they make a wonderful team‚ even though it was a bit exhibitionist! They smile at each other‚ and realise that they had a wonderful adventure‚ and more to it; they found each other!

The End.

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