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Duke says Melissa came in the dick of time

Soft Erotic story about Duke says Melissa came in the dick of time

Its Friday ‘ and today is a day of celebration; it is always a day of celebration after a hard work week. Two groups of friends will be meeting each other at the CASUAL FLING bar ‘ and they are going to be whooping it up!

Andre and his set of friends are going to the bar in a tux theme‘ whilst Fiona and her friends‘ will be going dressed as strippers. Yes; you have guessed it; the old Vicars and prostitutes theme replayed‘ over and over again!

Let me introduce Andre and his boys: The first is Raymond; he is a banker. The second is Ronald; he is a landscaper. The third and last is Duke ; he is a pro gamer‘ and let me tell you; he has game! ! He is renowned for being quite the player with the ladies!

Now let me introduce you to Fiona and her bevy of beauties : The first is Laura ; a secretary. The second is Wynona; she is a florist. The third is Melissa ; she is a lawyer‘ and she is the focus of our attention tonight‘ because ; she is known and noted to be thee ice queen!

The boys get to the bar first ‘ and there are drinks all round; vodka on the rocks; tequila for the brave etc …! The conversation as always‘ once tongues are loosened‘ swings to women. The focus is always on Duke; he delivers‘ firsts‘ seconds and thirds to all the guys! They are all his wingmen‘ and boy oh boy; do they feast on his leftovers! !

“ The ice Queen is coming tonight Duke; do you suppose you are going to duke it out with her‘ or are you going to get a rebuttal?” Laughs Raymond. “ Yeah Ray; I am counting on getting her butt al; you can bank on it!”Chuckles Duke‘ with an all knowing and smug smirk. The fellows give Duke a rye look‘ as Melissa is so cold‘ that she makes Canada look like a tropical Island! !

No sooner said; the girls walk in. Then upon seeing the lads; they echo in one chorus; a big hello‘ and a couple of blown kisses. They seductively dance their way up to theguys‘ and tip their heads towards the bar subtly asking the guys to buy them their starter drinks.

Now we know that guys are guys‘ but we could not blame them for getting hot over the girls outfits : Boob tubes, mini's with a slight show of g-strings; fish net stockings‘ with a dash of colour trim … ! The girls down their starter drinks in a wink of an eye‘ and tongues and inhibitions loosened; they set themselves on the gleeful boys‘ which can only be seen as shameful to most!

However; Melissa has taken a back seat‘ which everyone expected. Soon inferences in body language and word‘ fly to the boys to go chat with her‘ but no one takes the bait! Andre pulls Duke over to the side‘ and in a calm but authoritive voice says‘’ Duke; you the only man here that can ply those legs open of that ice Queen‘ even if you don’t ; please try and just make her feel welcome!’’

Duke hears his mate out‘ but seems less than interested‘ until Ronald has his word‘’ Duke you know that I am a landscaper ; I have had some pretty rough gardens to make into a paradise. Let me give you some advice : First start with a basic plan ; visualise what your words can make her do! Start rounding off the rough edges‘ and introduce into her mind a concept of beauty that she cannot refuse!”

Duke smiles‘ and accepts the challenge‘ but first another drink‘ for him and her! Duke sidles up to Melissa and says suavely‘’ A drink for you‘ and a drink for I ‘ and in a couple of minutes; can I touch your thigh?”Whack! The sound of Melissa’s slap resonates across the whole bar; everybody gives a slight wicked and sadistic giggle! Duke is more than taken aback; he is offended! !

‘’ Get in there Duke; she will loosen up“ Quips Andre .

So Duke tries again; this time with a cheesier one liner than before“ I understand that you can be cold‘ but please let me be so bold ; its you I want to hold! !’’ Wallop!! Duke gets knocked back by ten feet‘ and still everyone gives a sadistic chuckle! ! ‘’ That’s it! !”States Duke‘ as he marches over to Melissa; grabs her; pulls her over his knee; pulls up her mini‘ and gives her a hiding on her g-string bum!! “ Ow ‘ ooh‘ aarghhh !”Screams Melissa‘ ‘’ I like that!!”

What once was everyone’s sadistic laughs‘ has now turned into open jaws‘ and dropped tongues!; ! “ You do!?”Says Duke‘ quite surprised! “ Yes ; I do .”Weeps Melissa ‘ “ I like that ‘ and none of my friends do! ! ”Melissa gives Duke a passive wink‘takes his hand ‘ and leads him off to a quite table in the corner.

“ Duke; I am a lawyer; a criminal defence attorney‘ and I am a very good one!! I get all the scum off their charges ‘ because I find loopholes in the law‘ that no one else can! You see ; I use to be a proof reader ‘ whilst I studied law‘ and I can pick up the slightest word‘ and twist it! ! I am a submissive‘ because I feel guilty ‘ and I want to be punished!! I was reluctant at first‘ but now I enjoy it‘ and I want you to punish me tonight Duke ; I am a nasty and horrible girl‘ who lets killers out onto the street! !”

Duke stammers for a while‘ and then in a stern voice says“ That is the most disgusting thing that I have ever heard !! Your bum will be black and blue by the time I am finished with you!! Both your holes will beg for mercy; I am going to ram you exactly how you deserved to be rammed!!”

Duke grabs Melissa by the arm‘ and commandeers her down the passage into the toilets. He flings her up against the wall ‘ lifts up her mini skirt; breaks her g-string ‘ and starts smacking her butt ‘ harder and harder!

“ Boo hoo ; I am a bad girl ; waahhhhhh ; I deserve this ; I am nasty to society! !’’ Yelps Melissa . Cock now hard ; Duke unfurls his pride and joy‘ and rams it up Melissa’ s pussy‘ pushing her into the wall with a resounding thump!! He is ramming her so hard ; he feels she might pass out‘ and she semi does! Melissa drops to the floor‘ with half open eyes‘ and Duke who is now relentless‘ picks her up again‘ bends her over‘ and fucks her up the ass‘ so hard‘ that the whole bar can hear Melissa moaning in agony and pleasure! !

After 10 minutes; it was all over‘ both now are on the floor‘ slouched against the wall! ‘’ I needed that so badly!”says Melissa. Duke smiles and says“ I guess you could say‘ that you came in the dick of time!” Both share a hearty laugh ‘ and then a big and warm hug … !

The End.

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