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Diego dating Jane In The Sailor •
Diego dating Jane In The Sailor •
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Diego dating Jane In The Sailor

Soft Erotic story about Diego dating Jane In The Sailor

A beautiful warm summer night, and we find Jane, walking to her part time job at Planetcoffee, in Table Mountain mall! “ Why must I work tonight, wwhhyyyyyyy, on such a kick ass, balmy evening!?” Whines Jane, with her head up looking into the sky!Unfortunately for Jane, she doesn't realise that her boss Mr. Montgomery, plans to supervise her very closely, while she works the new expensive coffee machine, imported from Italy!

With a careless bang, Jane flings open the door to the mall, and idles in! Hesitating, she continues to makes her way towards her belated rendezvous with Planetcoffee!

“ Oh, welcome your majesty! “ says Mr .Montgomery with a sarcastic bow! “ I trust that you had a good leisurely walk, which stole 15 minutes of my time, you're late, and I still have to train you on the new Fabio coffee machine, and I am looking forward to it he…he…he!” Jane has always wondered how Mr. Montgomery is able to bluster whole sentences in one breath, maybe one day he will miscalculate and die! Amused by the thought that has given hope, where there was none, she immediately gets down to some serious training!

Mr . Montgomery stands behind Jane, guiding her hands, while she operates the machine! “ Do you have to be that close to me Mr .Montgomery?” squeals Jane!

“ Yes it is vitally important to get the feel of this gorgeous machine!” quips Mr . Montgomery! Jane is now feeling quite uncomfortable, and is positive, that her boss is now feeling more comfortable than what he should!

“Mr . Montgomery I would rather your son Kyle(Jane's dream guy), demonstrate the beauty of this machine! Undeterred Mr . Montgomery puts his hands on Jane's shoulders, only to be interrupted by a tall, well dressed young man in uniform, who wants to place an order!

“ I am sorry for interrupting, but I would like to place an order with this young lady, if you don't mind !!? Says the uniformed man assertively! Mr .Montgomery, thwarted, walks away into the back office! ‘ Thank you very uch!” Whispers Jane,“ What would you like to have!?” The young man looks at Jane with a warm smile and introduces himself! “ Hello, my name is Diego Montoya, and I would very much like to save you from that old man, and take you sailing, oh: I also want a cappuccino, with cream!”

Jane, stunned, gazes at the tall, athletic and pretty young man, completely forgetting all about his cappuccino, but not his advances!

‘ Sailing, wow, I've never been sailing before, that would definitely save me…, save me for you! Jane ripostes seductively!

Both Jane and Diego blush profusely, and then immediately make arrangements for sailing the next day, where hopefully the atmosphere, and the weather will be perfect!

Jane can't wait to get back home to tell everybody her exciting news, and bursts through the front door with such vigour, it makes the whole house shake, as well as her startled parents! “ Good night at work dear?!” Asks Jane's mother! Jane breaks out into afrantic speech about her night from beginning to end! Her parents are so encapsulated by what is said, they both sit forward on their chairs, with mouths open wide!

Eventually Jane's Father, Mr. McDougall, springs forward out of his chair, and starts pacing the floor!

‘ I am worried about two things Jane!” retorts Mr .McDougall,“ First, I don't like your horny boss, second, I don't like horny foreign sailors who think they can woo my daughter with a boat trip, you're not going!”

Jane grabs her head, and then throws herself to the ground on her knees, pleading with her Father to let her ride this wave, let her set her ship assail…, but Mr. McDougall doesn't relent and forbids her to go!

Miserable, Jane lies on her bed, with her phone, ready to phone Zoe for some soul time, and hopefully some sympathy too!

Fortunately, Zoe, has experience in these issues, and prompts and tempts Jane to go anyway, after all deception is a precursor to fun! Jane was initially reluctant, but not reluctant enough to pass up a date with a gorgeous foreign sailor, no way!

After a good nights sleep, Jane is buoyant with excitement! She intends to wear as little as possible to impress Diego, and also to wear her work uniform over her shorts and boob tube, so that her parents are none the wiser!

At the docks, Jane sees her man and asks his permission to come aboard! Permission is granted, but there is a proviso, and that is, for Jane to reveal her bikini underneath! Jane remonstrates for a while, citing chauvinist undertones, but relents after Diego removes his shirt…hee…hee!

The buff sailor sets sail out of the harbour, with the wind behind his back and water spraying in his face! The Sea water has thoroughly wet Diego's muscled torso, creating a dilemma for Jane! Does she lay back and enjoy the ride or should she lend him a hand or hands!

Provocatively, Jane sneaks up behind yum – yum, and grasps him in a bear like hug around his chest, while nuzzling her nose into the nape of his neck!

“So!” Whispers Jane into Diego's ear, “ Are you going to tie me to the mizzen mast for mutiny…, after all, I've just hopped the Captain ?!”

“ No!” Says Diego, “ I intend to punish you, but I prefer a more hands on approach, like a good dressing down in the captains quarters, or maybe you would prefer to swab my decks ?!”

Jane makes her move, and gently diverts the course of Diego's face, closer to her lips! All of sudden a loud distress signal is heard, and a SOS is received on the radio! Instinctively, Diego grabs the handset and offers help, much to Jane's distress signal !

Diego drops the sails and sets out full speed ahead in the direction of the stricken boat! Jane is not used to the churning sea crashing and spraying all around, and finds herself hanging overthe edge of the boat, threatening all the sea creatures with her breakfast, luckily she still has control!

With a turning stomach and green face, Jane wished that she had listened to her Father, instead of spinning the desperate spinsters web!

Diego sights the sinking boat and yells for Jane to get ready! The waves batter the boat with such force, that Jane, finds it very difficult to stand!“ Look Jane!” Screams Diego, “ The boat has capsized, there are 2 men on the hull and another person, a woman, in the water! ”

“ What do you want me to do!?” Yells Jane! Diego thinks for a second, and then instructs Jane to dive into the sea to rescue the swimmer, while he manoeuvres his boat next to the hull of the floundering ship!

Taking her courage in her hands, Jane jumps in to the ice cold water to save the drowning victim! While fighting her way through the swells and currents, Jane is feeling a bit spooked about what nasty fish with an attitude could be lurking below, waiting for a soft, juicy, human experience!

Just as Jane manages to reach her objective, Diego successfully navigates his yacht beside the hull of the stricken vessel, and the 2 desperate mariners quickly jump onto the boat!

Diego now turns his attention towards Jane and steadies his boat to pick her and her charge up!

Luckily, Jane has her certificate in lifesaving and impressively, manages to swim strongly with the traumatised woman, to the side of the boat!The men haul their lady friend out of the water, but find that Jane, is hesitating to climb onboard ship!“ What is wrong, do you have a cramp?” Cries Diego!

“ No!” Explains Jane, “ With all the thrashing around, I've lost my bikini pants!”

“ There had to be an explanation, I knew I could get to the bottom of this!” Jokes Diego! “ Stop with the corny jokes, and help me up, but first you and the other men put your hands over your eye's!” Orders our heroine !ucked from the sea !”

“ I have to useyour towel if you don't mind Diego? !” Says Jane embarrassingly! “ Why you have a bare faced cheek, but Ok!” Laughs the muscular sailor!

Steering the boat out of harms way, they eagerly set forth back to Cape Town harbour, with an extra cold and wet crew of 5 souls, longing for a warm shower, new clothes and a hot cup of soup!

Jane Grips Diego and cuddles with him for body warmth, hoping that she can salvage what's left of the date! With the famous vista of Table Mountain in front of them, Diego responds to his cute, breathing hot water bottle, and passionately kisses her!

Jane now full of adrenalin slips her hand into Diego's pants, and grasps a nice full sausage! She then unzips him; takes his purple headed warrior out, and sucks it, like she has never sucked anything before!Diego moans with pleasure, but the other passengers are beginning to hear them. So Diego decides to do the next best thing! He grabs Jane, and swiftly takes her into his cabin, and hurls her head first onto the bed!The towel falls to the floor, revealing a naked bum and two beautiful holes! Diego mounts her, and sticks his hard cock inside her pussy. Hu pumps and pumps, whilst she is grunting and screaming so hard, that even people on another boat can hear! “ Aaaaarrgghhh oooooooo uggghhhhhhhh!”

Moans Jane as she comes and squirts in every direction! '' My turn to come! ” Yells Diego, as he zaps his wet cock out of Janes satisfied and steaming pussy, and sticks it slowly but surely up her bum!Jane then gives a deep grunt, and Diego pounds her ass, like it was the last thing on Earth! Little farts are heard coming from Janes bum, as Diego slides in and out with ease! Then one big thrust, and both are thrown off the bed, as Diego expels his load in Janes bottom!

All around Diego's cabin; you can hear sighs of relief, and heavy breathing! ‘ My God Diego; I was an ass virgin, and now you made me a believer! Diego takes a deep breath, and then quietly whispers “ I; so was …!”

The End.

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