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Captain Jamie Morgan and Captain Vanessa Drake

Soft Erotic story about Captain Jamie Morgan and Captain Vanessa Drake

On the roaring seas of the Caribbean, pirates await their victims.The blood of many men and women have been spilt into these oceans.Their screams echo throughout the day and night …!

Two such rascals who plunder these waters, are Captain Jamie Morgan and Captain Vanessa Drake. The very mention of their names, sends shivers down anyone's spine. Morgan and Drake have been competing in these seas for over 10 years now, they own these waters, but they also hate each other, and have always searched for a way to end their rivalry. We all know that the rivalry will end in slaughter!

We pick up the story now with blood thirsty Morgan herself, she has a Spanish treasure ship in her sights, and she is chasing it down. “ Outflank her boys; push her towards that reef, and we will set on her like rabid dogs…” Commands Morgan. The hapless Spanish galleon starts to flounder, and before long, smashes into the reef. Morgan and her band of merry bandits hurl the grappling hooks onto the helpless boat, and pull it alongside Morgans ship, THE BLOODY MARY.

Soon there are sounds of steel and mens screams, as pirates clash with Spanish soldiers. Gun shots go off, and cannons blast into the ships structures. Morgan spots the Spanish Captain, and flying through the air on a rigging, lands at his feet, with a steely grin, and a jagged cutlass.“Prepare to die you scurvy dog…” Yells Morgan, as she lunges towards the Spaniard. A magnificent parry sees off Morgans blade, but he did not see her pistol, as she puts buckshot through his head! The Spanish Captain falls to the floor dead, thensatisfied, Morgan flings herself into the remaining fray. It is all over within minutes, there are dead bodies everywhere, but the ships are both Morgans.

Sitting in the dead Captains cabin, she commands her brood to bring her the prisoners. One after another, she chops off their heads, fills her goblet with their blood, and drinks to Davey Jones locker… Another prisoner is brought in to see her, a pretty young lass, shivering with fear.

“Bring her to me boys, she is just what I am needing.” Says Morgan, with a seductive glint in her eye.

“ How old are you lass? &tdquo; Asks Morgan.

The girl who is now scared to death, only answers with her fingers, and shows two hands of fingers.

“20, you are young my pretty, you do know that I am going to fuck you?” Exclaims Morgan.With that, Morgan grabs the young girl, and disrobes her. She opens her legs, picks her up, and puts her bum on the windowsill, and leans her back,letting her look down at the unforgiving ocean below…

Morgan takes out her double headed dildo, and sticks it up hers and the cabin girls pussy, and starts to thrust heavily… Both women and girl moan with pleasure, but after Morgan has had her way, she has evil plans for this young fool.

With a raucous grunt, they both come, then Morgan looks the girl in the eye, and whispers,“ You know I could kill you, drop you into the briny sea here and now, with all the sharks and beasties? ” The brave girl promptly answers “ You could ma'am, but that might be welcome, you see all the men have had their way with me too, heaven surely is a better place … ”

Morgan is taken aback, grips the girl hard to her breast in a tight hug, and keeps her as her hand maiden, knowing that she is tough, and one day will make a blood thirsty pirate just like her.

In the meantime; Drake has sailed into Port.Vixen, a dangerous pirate town, where no mercy is shown. She anchors her ship THE GHOST, and heads off to the drinking hole, where she can get herself a wench for the night. Slamming the doors open, everyone gasps at the sight of the dreaded Drake, and scurry to every corner of the room. “Come here wench… Not you skinny; the one with the big tits, and get me some rum.” Screams Drake. The wench gleefully jumps onto Drakes lap, and soon both are caught up in a kiss and a fondle. Drake takes out the wenches boobs and starts to suck them, then lick them, harder and harder, then a bite for good luck… “ My turn wench.&tdquo; Says Drake as she hauls out her own heavy tits. The barmaid starts to fondle them, then suck, then bite… Drake is now moaning, and writhing in her chair. Just then a voice screams out. It is a man, and he wants to suck Drakes boobs too. Drake signals him over, with a rye smile, and lets him suckle.The man is in heaven, but Drake has other ideas, she grabs the man behind his head strongly, and starts to suffocate him in her cleavage. He is now choking and spluttering, and whimpers for help. Drake shows no mercy, and starts to laugh, while the man slowly loses his breath, and his life!

“Noooooooooo Captain, that is one of Morgans men, there will be a war now for sure!” Screams one of Drakes crew. Drake stands up, she is a bit bewildered, but she is now ready for that filthy animal Morgan, it has been a long time coming. She spreads the word around the tavern, for Morgan to meet her at Parrots cove, where her crew and Morgans crew will do battle, for once and for all. Maybe Morgan will be too scared to come.

The following day, Drake has anchored her ship at Parrots cove, and waits for Morgan. “Ahoy Captain, ship ahead.” Reverberates into Drakes ear from the mizzen mast perch. It is Morgan, and she is sailing her ship straight at Drakes. “Hoist the anchor; that rickety dog Morgan is not playing fair.” Yells Drake in a panic. It is too late though, Morgan ploughs her boat straight through THE GHOST, but ends up wrecking both ships. The pirates on both sides throw themselves into the fight with everything they have got. Blood curdling screams are heard from both sides, but Drake and Morgan are not fighting, they are looking for each other.

The fight lasts about 20 heart stopping minutes, and everyone on board both ships are dead as door nails. Only Morgan and Drake are alive , and they have just spotted each other. They make their way slowly through all the blood, limbs, severed heads and dead bodies, and face each other with grim looks and wild eyes.

“ Drake, I am going to rape you, then I am going to kill you.” Shouts Morgan. “I was thinking that I would do the same to you Morgan.” Chortles Drake.

With those words and threats echoing in their ears; they draw their cutlasses, and take guard. Swish and swish, bang and bang, the fight heaves back and forth, until Morgan slices off Drakes top! “Nice tits, I am going to enjoy sucking them when you are dead ha ha ha” Laughs Morgan. The sword fight continues, and this time Drake cuts off Morgans belt, leaving her half naked! “ Mmmmmmm, you have a nice ass and pussy Morgan, how many times have those been plundered by your own men ha ha ha haaaaa …” Drake mocks. Swish and swish, the fight continues even more bitter now than ever before, until both Morgan and Drake are now naked, bloody and bruised.

With every last bit of energy in their bodies; they surge at each other, and end up in a tight grasp. “Let go Drake.” Cries Morgan,“No, you let go.” Whines Drake. Looking each other in the eyes, and foreheads touching, they muster their last bit of motivation to kill, then try to bite each other. However, both lips touch, and they stop dead in their tracks. They grab each other again, but this time to embrace and kiss! Their hands slip down to their vaginas, and they start playing with each other. Rubbing their hands harder and harder on each others pussy's, and finally slipping their fingers inside their wet holes.

Now it is a competition to see who can make who come first. Both women writhe around on the floor, whilst holding each other, their moans are deep, and their wills are strong. 10 minutes later, a mutual scream is let out, and Morgan and Drake squirt all over each other, soaking each other silly.

Lying relaxed on the destroyed ships deck, both women let out a sigh of relief, and shake hands. They decide to get a new ship, a bigger ship, a man of war. They will both be Captain, and they will both plunder, pillage and rape all on sea! “Aaarggh Morgan, you are a good pirate, but you are an even better lover.“ Quips Drake. “Drake, you have loved me like no other, we are now sisters in arms, and I love you.“ Replies Morgan. Pleasantries swopped, they settle in with each other for a different kind of pleasantry, and a bit more satisfying…har de har har!

Heed my warning, no one will be safe anymore on this perilous Ocean…

The End.

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