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Biography Jill Heatenville

Jill Heatenville was born in Anchorage, Alaska. on the 30 June 1967, to a Father who was a navigator on a cruise liner, and to a Mother who dutifully looked after her at home.

Jill went to a private girls school in Anchorage, by the name of Fish harbour college. Unfortunately; the school shut up shop in 1995 , but the memories of a school life well lived, will stay with Jill forever.

After school; Jill do a few online writing courses, including travel, but her favourite form of writing is still erotica!

Jill got married at the tender age of 19, to her childhood sweetheart, who was her neighbour. Unfortunately, they got a mutual divorce when Jill was 35, they bore no children.

Here is what Jill has to say:

I had a wonderful childhood, growing up in Anchorage. It was a beautiful Winter wonderland, and I was also surrounded by water ( my favourite medium. ) I never really saw my Father, but when he was with his family, he was the best Dad in the World! My Mother was a stay at home Mom, and we did everything together. She was a very loving and nurturing soul, and I am proud to call her my Mother.

I had one brother, who mainly kept to himself, he was a real nerd! He loved academics, and especially encyclopaedias… We did have something in common though, we went together to movies at our local haunt every Friday evening, for the latest show. Its no wonder Eric and I both became writers. In our early writing days, we both were very competitive against each other. I don't hear much from Eric nowadays, he is always in different countries travelling around.I don't even know if he is married!;

I got married too young in hindsight, my husband was a loving man, but both him and I were too immature. Our divorce was slightly bitter!

In order to heal myself from that trauma, I went to places that I found to be exotic, that stimulated my imagination and my pen. The Pyramid's was a blast, the Himalayas were awe inspiring … and it was then that I decided to start writing Romantic and adventurous erotica, something that equated with real life.

I am a bi-sexual women, and I am proud of my sexuality! I love men and women equally, but I am cautious about having another relationship with a man. I have a lot of male friends, some are lovers, I have a lot of female friends all are lovers.

My advice to people would be to find themselves, their inner essence, what makes them tick! It is that knowledge of who you really are, that sets your ship sailing.

Love comes in all shapes and forms ! Make sure that your shape is sexy, and that your form is the fullest ! Jill Heatenville

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